Samsung is one of the well-known and reputed manufacturers of electronic goods. In the last few years, it has focused only on the development of mobile phones. And this has proved to be a boon for the company, as today half of population is using mobile phones developed by Samsung. Also, the company is best known for offering technologically rich handsets that can be found in various categories and price range. At beginning, the company developed several cellular phones that were a big failure. Later on, with modern inventions taking place, there were lots of improvements in the process of making mobile phones. Utilizing latest technologies and experienced workforce, Samsung came up with all new handsets in the market that have been successful in acquiring a huge share of profit in the Indian consumer market. And the company promises to deliver some of the best and most advanced smartphone in near future.

In a country like India, consumers want their handsets to be handy. So, keeping this in mind, Samsung has precisely designed mobile phones that offer mobility so as to Indian buyers care for. The latest handsets developed by the company are loaded with amazing features, high resolution camera, large screen, QWERTY keypad, capacitive touchscreen and easy navigation functions. Also, the new smartphones from Samsung are technologically advanced and can be termed as mini computers.

Further, the sale of Samsung handsets has increased to a great extent. Also, the company has stated that it will launch its new mobile phones with more features in the market soon. Samsung has always taken care of consumer’s budget, so it makes sure that the mobile phones that are provided by it meet the financial constraints of its consumers.  The latest phone from Samsung is Galaxy S III, which has gathered lots of applauds even before its launch in the market. This phone is touted to be a biggest competitor for Nokia 808 PureView. Samsung’s latest smartphones runs on Android’s upgraded version 4.0 ICS OS and is powered with Quad Core Exynos microprocessor. It measures around about 136.6mm x 70.6mm x 8.6mm and at 133 gram, it is little heavier than its predecessor Galaxy S II. Also, S III sports a massive 4.8 inches HD Super AMOLED touch screen, which is known for its touch sensitive controls, clear visuals and great graphics. Also, it is provided with a new feature, Smart Stay, which act an eye sensor and prevents the phone from dimming by recognizing the eye’s retina. And, it understands you better, if you are messaging someone and instead decide to call the, as soon as you lift the phone towards their ear, S III will sense it and make a direct call.

With this phone, consumers can now have the freedom to owe a portable computer in their pocket. So, the launch of Galaxy S III has proven that technology has the tendency to make impossible to possible. Moreover, S III, the new Samsung Mobile has proved that it is the best smartphone in the league and ever developed till date.

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