Fujifilm has been doing wonders in the market since long time. With its high innovative and sophisticated cameras, Fujifilm has been spread its market all throughout the globe. Till date, Fujifilm has successfully produced many premium digital cameras. A Latest Digital Camera from Fujifilm is the Fujifilm X-Pro1. The X-Pro1 has been widely acclaimed in the global market owing to its outstanding features and mind-blowing performance. The X-Pro1 comes with a brand-new lens mount, in a stunning twist known as the X-Mount. The mount has been designed to get the lens as close as possible to the sensor, which enables to minimize focusing distance and thereby helps in capturing sharper photos.

Fujifilm has introduced three lenses with the X-Pro1 viz; the XF18mmF2 R, a 27mm f/2.0 lens; the XF 35mmF1.4 R, a 53mm f/1.4 lens; and the XF60mmF2.4 R Macro, a macro lens at f/2.4 and 90mm (I shot primarily with the f/1.4 lens). All these lenses are equipped with aperture control on the lenses themselves, and have been aesthetically designed. However, you will find some amount of versatility among the three lenses. Fujifilm is planning to release more lenses. As of now, the options are severely limited as compared to the Nikon or Canon ecosystems, or the options enjoyed by the owners of Micro Four Thirds cameras such as the Olympus OM-D E-M5. The presence of the hybrid viewfinder is one of the best features of this camera. The user can use it in two completely different modes such as an optical, tunnel-style viewfinder, or as a standard electronic viewfinder. You will find the previous mode just like the X10's viewfinder, wherein you view the lens through the viewfinder and need to frame the shot differently. The view through the viewfinder differs from the one through the lens, so you are also required to frame a different shot than the one you are seeing. The X-Pro1 is instrumental in making the process easier, making use of the LCD to indicate when focus is locked and where in the frame your subject is actually located.

Normally, DSLRs and mirror-less cameras are operated within the same paradigm. There is a mode dial, which is a series of buttons applicable for the widely used features. Then there is an excellent interface in order to manage settings and more hidden options. On X-Pros1, you will find a large dial for controlling shutter speed. It is little bit difficult to change as you need to press down a button in the center of the wheel before it will turn, but it is really quick way to tune the shutter speed. The other dial on top is meant for controlling exposure, which you find very easily. Besides, there is also another function button, which helps in quick access to any setting. The aperture-control ring is located on the lens itself, which is quite good. The X-Pro1 is also featured with an Auto mode. To get into full Auto mode, you are required to individually set ISO, shutter and aperture to auto. Taking all the attributes of these cameras into consideration, this Latest Fujifilm Digital Camera is expected to create a magic in the market.

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