For all avid and amateur photographers, Olympus is a renowned name since long time. Till date, Olympus had produced many wonderful cameras. One of the excellent cameras from Olympus is the Olympus XZ-1. These cameras deliver outstanding image quality. The most important aspect of camera is its lens. The more powerful the lens the more good results, you will achieve. It is worth mentioning the new XZ-1 camera comes with highly developed i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens, which is a compact version of the famous OLYMPUS ZUIKO DIGITAL interchangeable lenses. It is the first ever designed mainly for compact cameras. This Latest Digital Camera is equipped with a minimum aperture of f1.8 at wide-angle and a maximum aperture of f2.5 at telephoto. The super-bright lens of these cameras offers amazing picture quality, which resembles to that provided by ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses.

With a view to achieve lens quality that is equivalent to interchangeable-lens cameras, Olympus had incorporated the latest lens design and technologies for its range of ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses. It helps in refining and altering them for utilization in a compact camera. The lens unit comprises of 8 groups of 11 lens elements. The enormous use of excellent-performance components that consists of a DSA or Dual Super Aspherical lens element helps eliminating aberrations. There is an EDA or Extra-low Dispersion Aspherical lens element eliminating frame flare in the peripheral region by rectifying color aberration. You will also find an HD or High refractive & high Dispersion preventing color aberrations that may result in blurred colors or poor contrast helps in keeping unwanted picture artifacts to a minimum and thereby ensuring sharp imaging from the center to the periphery. Additionally, the utilization of a large-aperture cemented lens featuring an extremely precise, thin, optical surface and an SHR or Super High Refractive lens that makes it possible in reducing the number of lens elements. This helps the user becomes capable of implementing an optical 4X zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length of 28mm to 112mm in a very compact configuration.

In order to derive full advantage of the extraordinary optical performance of the i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens, the XZ-1 makes use of a huge 1/1.63-inch CCD image sensor with high sensitivity that boasts twice the light receiving area per pixel of a conventional sensor. This breakthrough has become possible by limiting the number of pixels to 10 megapixels and by the application of an advanced micro fabrication technology. It results in an enhanced dynamic range and ensures gentle gradations, as well as reduces blown highlights or blocked-in shadows. This improved sensor is paired with the TruePic V Image Processor, which applies highly accurate noise control for assuring best clarity of image.

You will find a control ring, which has been manufactured using machined aluminum with an intricately knurled band allowing precise fingertip adjustment that helps you in the manual adjustment of the ISO sensitivity and f-number or shutter speed. It provides you to have exceptional control over your images and enabling you to produce pictures that truly reflect your vision. Besides, the comfortable design of the control ring combined with the sophisticated dials and buttons helps in operating the camera with great ease and convenience. Looking at the attractive features of this Latest Olympus Digital Camera, we can certainly hope that this gadget will do wonders in the market.

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