Back in 80’s, we were in a habit of sending the film for development to the photo studio and waited for a week for the final prints to come back. Gone are the days, when we used to own those conventional and old cameras. As the time changed, with newer technologies came Latest Digital Camera, which is more superior in terms of performance, built and design than conventional cameras. Finding the perfect camera can be hard because at present there are numerous brands that have flooded the market with their digital cameras. With so many well-known brands that are striving hard to develop digital cameras every day, it becomes hard for the consumers to select the best. We do have those numerous unforgettable moments that we wish to capture and preserve for several years. But at time, we feel short of a camera that would help us capture those precious moments. The question arises, which camera can meet all your photography needs?

The advent of modern technologies introduced us to cameras that took the world by storm with their advanced features and cool functions. With these new generation cameras, photographer can take a picture and see the final print immediately. When these cameras were introduced first, they were slow and quality was not so good but with the incorporation of latest technology, things heated up and new & improved version of digital camera was developed. The latest cameras enable the user to capture finest & wonderful images, which can be shared instantly with your friends, relatives, family and colleagues. If you reading this article, you may be among those in millions that now own a digital camera. But still you might have not got your hands on some of the coolest and cameras that are present in the market.

Let’s go through the review of one of the latest camera, Panasonic DMC-LX5, which is compact in size and appreciated for its stylish design. With 10.1 megapixels, LX5 is sure to give you a perfect shot of distant images. This camera also boasts of 24-90mm equivalent lens with, bright F2.0-3.3 max aperture range and 1:1 position aspect ratio slider. Moreover, one of the best selling point of this camera is it’s the 'Power O.I.S' designation, which was never found in the previous versions of Panasonic’s digital cameras.

Another brand, which has provided the consumers with some of the most advanced and full-featured cameras is Nikon. Being an authentic and reputed name in the domain of camera manufacturing, Nikon has offered various fascinated digital cameras. The presence of CMOS sensors in Nikon’s cameras allows the photographers to capture high quality images even during low light conditions. Consumers can also get convincing photos and shoot full HD movies with Nikon’s compact cameras. Moreover, these cameras are integrated with advanced GPS system, which features the exact location of the image captured with date & time. Also, the Latest Nikon Digital Camera is provided with touch panel, which makes the camera functions fun and easy to operate. Cameras like Cool Pix S6300, Coolpix P510, Coolpix S6150 and Coolpix AW1000 are some of the best cameras that Nikon has developed.

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