It was a symbol of status at the very beginning of its inception to its widespread access to the people across the globe in the modern times, iPad has seen variations in its fame. Masses always crowd the market to get their latest iPad version earlier than anyone else. The Apple's tablet version has been creating waves now for quite some time in the global arena and has given the other players in the industry, solid competition, mainly due to the multiple apps it offers. However, with its tremendous increase in demand, the threats of online security for its users have also increased many times. Regarding this concern as a matter of seriousness, we consider it our core aim to explain some major ways on how you can browse web anonymously using an iPad and yet stay secure.

Covert Browser

The Best tool from Apple's own App store includes below given returns:

  • The only browser in the Apple App store which uses Tor to help you assure complete anonymity online while accessing internet through your iPad.
  • Covert enables you to go through the Internet from more than 600 different IP addresses from more than 100 country locations, which is itself a staggering number.
  • Routes your internet connection through 3 or more servers before enabling your data to reach its intended destination, thereby leaving no chance of interruption from any third party into your network
  • Provides strong 128-bit AES encryption to help you safeguard your data being transmitted to and from your iPad
  • Lets you avail from blocked websites from a particular country by undergoing few simple steps 

In order to avail these services with the help of Covert browser, all you need is to get and install it on your iPad. However, one disadvantage with this app could be its slow speed.

Virtual Private Network

Through acquiring a VPN, you can easily get high degree security not only from your iPad, but also for your iPad, iPhone and other latest computing devices. All the iPad versions serve built-in VPN aspects that enable you connect to the internet with the help of VPN. In order to activate it, you will have to

  • Buy VPN package that suite your needs from a reliable company (i.e, hidemyass, vpn master ,express vpn , black logic ,hotspot shield vpn etc.)
  • Get a desired safe and unique username and password for login
  • look out for the configuration guide for iPad VPN on the concerned company's website
  • Follow the procedure to configure VPN on the iPad after choosing the requisite VPN protocol
  • Enter the login data that you got from the VPN provider
  • Start using the VPN to enjoy the free of ban world of internet without the fear of security break

Immense care should be taken while looking for a suitable VPN that could satisfy your needs of browsing web anonymously, check first of all its being available at your desired server locations, security standards, protocol support and so on.


Your online safety is necessary and must be given priority over all the other factors while browsing online via iPad, iPhone or any other device. In the wake of such a fact, using most effective methods such as 'Covert Browser’ or VPN services are mandatory and infact assist you in browsing through the internet anonymously. Hence, make sure that you are using any of these tools if you are using internet and are highly concerned with hiding your identity over there.

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