Colleges and universities are continuously looking for programs that can aid in the productivity of grant management. Outdated systems such as general ledger systems are often used in order to save money, but are not conducive to the needs of growing institutions, nor do they provide a way to efficiently update information. There are currently many different companies offering grant management and financial management software to these institutions to aid in the efficiency and organization of grants.

One of front runners in this industry is IT Works. IT Works is a software development company that works with colleges, universities and healthcare research institutes to aid in the process of grant management. Grant management is a very in depth process that can be difficult to manage efficiently without the aid of this software. The solutions offered by IT Works are well-known within the industry because of the affordability and individualized solutions provided.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, IT works began in the home of CEO Jim Wrenn as a side job of sorts—a way for Wrenn to help pay the bills. The company quickly expanded and grew into one of the top names in the business due to their continuously updated software that continues to meets the changing needs of clients. IT Works’ client base consists of small to midsize colleges and universities as well as medical research institutes.

IT Works has several base programs and packages that aid in grant management, but because each institute has different needs, the company adjusts and works with each institute in order to create a program that will work best for their needs. IT Works also offers training and other solutions surrounded by their software so no institute ever walks blindly into the process.   These programs include but are not limited to:

·         College Administrator: an extensive data tracking system that provides reports for managing the finances, personnel and research for colleges and small universities.

·         Department Manager: A tool designed for larger departments, institutes, universities and colleges as well as research hospitals.

·         Department Accountant: This tool is designed for financial accounting and departmental management systems in smaller departments of these same institutes.

·         Effort Administrator: The newest tool offered by IT Works is a web-based time and effort certification and reporting system. This tools aids in maintaining and updating records as well as a time and effort tracking system.

IT Works also offers many modules that can help increase productivity, as well as train administrators in the use of this software.  The company continues to keep a solid presence within the industry by offering individual services as well as one-on-one customer service and support.
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